Chrysalis is similar to the Walk to Emmaus, except that it’s for 15-19 year old teens.  Illinois Prairieland does not currently have it’s own Chrysalis flights.  However, our community has sent teens to the Southern Illinois Wabash Valley Chrysalis, and we’d like to send more.  We also would like to get out Emmaus fourth day to help work Chrysalis flights.  If we can get enough interest and participation, we will examine starting our own Chrysalis.  SIWVC has agreed to assist us with prayer and team members if needed to get started.

The next Southern Illinois Wabash Valley Chrysalis flight will be November 27- 29, 2015.  Please see below for both Caterpillar and Team applications.

Southern Illinois Wabash Valley Chrysalis Caterpillar Application

SIWVC Team Application

* Please send forms to the following address:

Jim Earlywine
416 Fair Ave.
Flora, IL 62839

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