I attended IPWE # 9 with much resistance, knowing it was something I need to do. My wife had attended walk # 6 and was very patient waiting for me to finally listen to the leading of the Lord to come and experience Christ’s life as never before. Well I did. My life in Christ and my understanding of His love and grace He gave is now known as never before. If you are one who is wondering if the Walk to Emmaus is for you, just give God and the Walk to Emmaus a chance. I am sure you will meet with Christ on your Walk and your eyes will opened to His marvelous love and grace as never before.
Paul B

After being away from church for about 20 years, I didn’t have much of a relationship with God. I came back to church a few years ago and was attending some bible studies, and other church programs, but I still felt something was missing. I heard about the Walk to Emmaus and felt that it was exactly what I needed. My walk completely changed my relationship with God. My new relationship with God improved my relationship with my family. My wife says that I came home a new man. I also got the opportunity to meet some fantastic people. The experience for me was truly life changing.
James H

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